ATLANTA, GA, July 31,2018 — Karna, LLC today presented the third annual On Target Award to Benefits and Payroll Manager, Lauri Gilreath. The honor was rendered during a celebratory luncheon commemorating the company’s tenth year of success in the public health field. During a ceremony hosted by Karna leaders, Gilreath was recognized for her professionalism and contributions to daily business operations and the cohesion of the Karna team. .  

Karna’s On Target Award is presented annually, in association with the date the company was founded, to recognize one outstanding staff member who embodies Karna’s standards for professionalism, excellence and improvements to public health. According to a leadership consensus, Gilreath has exceeded expectations throughout the past year, jumping head first into large tasks and adopting new assignments with uncompromising ethics.  .

“Lauri is great about having open and honest communications with staff and leadership,” remarked a co-worker during the nomination process, “She will bring issues and concerns to the attention of Karna leaders and will let employees know if there is a problem.  She is unafraid to have difficult conversations.” 

Other notable mentions were finalists Sheenum Gupta and Anna Nussio who each made a competitive case for the honor with their offerings to Karna’s public health projects.