CDC - Community Guide

Karna is currently providing support to CDC's Community Guide in the areas of research, analysis, literature searches and reviews, stakeholder engagement, scientific session planning, and plain language communication of evidence-based public health best practices. Karna also assists in the coordination and execution of the Community Preventive Services Task Force meetings which engage appointed public health thought leaders three times annually to provide recommendations on presented research and analysis. In order for the Community Guide to maintain credibility as a trusted information source, the CDC Community Guide Branch works to ensure that findings and recommendations of the Community Guide are sound, and disseminated through a variety of mechanisms such as academic journals, policy presentations, and electronic media. Karna’s team of Health/Behavioral Scientists, Scientific Writers/Editors, Health Communications Scientists, and a Health Economist perform and/or support: the identification of best practices through literature reviews and examination of published research; the analysis and synthesis of the evidence, preparation of materials for review by the Community Preventive Services Task Force; supporting the documentation of the Task Force’s findings; and, preparing materials that support the dissemination of the best practices to public health stakeholders who can act on that knowledge. Specifically, Karna personnel perform the following relative to research support activities:

  • Conduct and disseminate results of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of interventions to improve population health.
  • Conduct complex systematic reviews that are scientifically rigorous, incorporate diverse views of prominent subject matter experts, and are efficient.
  • Perform literature searches of public health interventions and perform review activities that are dictated by the task force and prepare slides for presentations.
  • Provide analytic support and subject matter expertise in the areas of health economics and evaluation.
  • Conduct critical evaluation of studies with various experimental and quasi-experimental designs.
  • Manage or support CDC clearance processes.
  • Work closely on an ongoing basis with CDC Division staff and review teams in planning publication schedules, determining appropriate content for journal supplements, and working with internal and external authors to ensure that the content is provided in a timely manner.