Prediabetes is a growing issue affecting almost 84 million Americans – a major health issue unknown by 90% of those living with it.  The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), a CDC-validated lifestyle change program to help prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes can help payers and employers manage their healthcare costs, and keep members/employees healthier by preventing diabetes onset, thereby reducing sick days and improving productivity.

Karna is providing technical assistance to payers and employers to integrate the National DPP as a covered benefit, but also in the development and delivery of targeted strategies to increase employee/member uptake. We use data-driven population health management-based approaches to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. As a covered benefit, this program helps payers and employers control premium increases, making plans more competitive while keeping members/employees healthier.


Our PHM integration team:


Leverages comprehensive assessment strategies to help you:

  • Adopt the National DPP lifestyle change program as a covered benefit, including answering questions and identifying, as well as connecting your agency to National DPP-certified providers
  • Segment populations to target the National DPP and other diabetes prevention interventions for the greatest impact
  • Monitor progress by assessing and monitoring gaps in enrollment and engagement
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative evaluations to measure program impact and R.O.I.

Develop and launch communications plans to reach providers, employees / members by:

  • Delivering technical assistance to ensure that management communicates the program’s benefits to in-network healthcare providers and ensure that providers communicate benefits to employees / members
  • Developing culturally appropriate diabetes education, outreach, and enrollment campaigns through multiple channels, e.g., social media, instant messaging, email, phone, and in-person
  • Evaluating the impact of the marketing and communications campaigns over time