Informatics and Information Technology

Karna brings effective technologies and experienced staff to solve information problems.

Our software engineering and data management projects deliver products and services that integrate with and service the programs and stakeholders they are intended for. We integrate our domain knowledge, software development / maintenance / enhancement expertise, project management, and a solid understanding of health program performance to deliver value to the client’s mission.

Systems Modernization / Development / Maintenance / Enhancement

We assess each project and evaluate viable alternatives to choose the appropriate architecture and development framework. Our experience includes multiple varieties of agile, waterfall, spiral and hybrid lifecycles. Karna also has experience working within various client’s frameworks, such as the HHS EPLC – using tailored templates and following the process to create the artifacts needed for ongoing and Stage Gate Reviews.

Software Releases and Deployment

Karna has successfully obtained Authorization to Operate (ATO) for all of our developed and maintained systems. We work in collaboration with our clients’ governance and security organizations, to assure compliance and rapid authorization. We are prepared for the vulnerability scans, 508 compliance approvals, security reviews, and implementation plans and procedures that are required to pass an Operational Readiness Stage Gate and ensure a smooth migration onto production platforms. Our customers can depend on our end-user technical support through go-live and during operations.

Operations and Maintenance

Karna builds systems that are supportable – through considered architecture, standard development process, and quality documentation. Responsive support and timely maintenance after go-live are critical to customer satisfaction. Karna creates systems with modularity and documentation that support re-use, repurpose and inter-operability. Our staff can provide “help desk” style end-user support to solve issues via phone, chat or email in a timely, accurate, and comprehensive manner. We establish and use documented processes; escalation procedures; performance standards; and performance reporting based on the timeliness and quality of our responses.


Our approach to training incorporates multiple learning style theories to yield measurable results. We plan and employ diverse training delivery methodologies, including distance-learning technologies (e.g., Web-based techniques with global audiences), on-demand sessions (recorded webinars) and more traditional approaches (e.g., on-site training sessions with follow-up coaching).

Clients who need to contact Karna regarding a current or potential contract can send email to or use our Contact Form.