Karna helps organizations support their employees’ health and wellbeing by managing care for high-risk populations, controlling costs of employee health insurance, engaging employees to take an active role in their healthcare, and improving wellness and preventive care.

Your organization probably has a wellness program that rewards employees, but how effective is it?  How engaged are your employees / members?  How does it impact your costs or productivity?

Karna delivers solutions to commercial, government, non-profit and union employers to better manage and leverage these investments:

Strategic Consulting

Karna’s senior health professionals help employers navigate rapidly changing compliance environments, inform evidence-based programs, and advise on specific applications of actuarial data to pragmatic strategies. By applying what is already proven to novel circumstances and working with employers, we arrive at program designs that innovate and provide greater customer engagement. We leverage a repeatable strategic framework from which to launch and sustain multiple solutions. Our approach helps you measure your performance, eliminate costly rework and retain your most valuable resources- your employees.

Evidence-Based Health Benefits Evaluation and Planning

Karna helps employers create and evaluate benefit plans that address changing employee requirements. We provide public health evidence to aid in selecting the most effective health benefits for particular employers. Our experienced staff provides a framework for continuous evaluation of effectiveness over time as well as an economic analysis to validate return-on-investment value propositions. In all cases, we help link outcomes with scalable sustainability.

Occupational Health and Employee Wellness Integration

Karna supports both the art and science of commercial occupational medicine by providing employers the strategic, medical, operational and technical consulting necessary to support a productive workforce.  Specifically, we integrate full lifecycle occupational medicine services across the continuum from designing appropriate pre-employment testing through drug screening, ergonomic testing, injury prevention and treatment, ancillary services integration, telehealth and remote patient monitoring integration and on-site and mobile services.  Karna helps connect the dotted lines between health initiatives that make an employee want to stay engaged and those that actually work to keep them engaged.  

Onsite Medical Clinic Evaluation and Design

Onsite clinics bring proximity of healthcare services to the workforce.  Notionally, this means that employees spend more time being productive in achieving their employers’ missions by spending less time away from work commuting to and from basic healthcare appointments.  What is often missing is the understanding of appropriate context for onsite services.   Who are the best people? What are the best systems?  What are the most desired outcomes?  We help organizations evaluate which issues are most important in determining the optimal solution to onsite health.  We lead organizations through an analytical decision process that allows customization, adaptation, and scalability.   We allow for a mixture of onsite and remote resources, utilizing necessary in-person care with connected telehealth that encourages an effective distributed workforce.  We emphasize the need for coordination of care so that solutions are designed to not only be affordable, but to be desirable for employee engagement.

Healthy Habits Management Program Integration

One of our most common engagements is helping design programs to measure and engage employees in healthy behaviors, often described as weight management. After identifying target populations, we work with employers to determine the most appropriate healthy lifestyle programs, including self-help, coaching, medical, surgical, and alternative strategies.  We integrate healthy eating with appropriate exercise and stress reduction.

Opioid Use Treatment Integration and Coordination of Care

We help design programs to coordinate care, provide community education, psychosocial services, interventions and recovery systems to support long term improvements in substance use disorder care.  We also provide a framework to allow for more effective employer/employee/health provider collaboration in coordinating care among impaired employees undergoing treatment.  We provide assistance calculating Return-On-Investment (ROI) valuation of existing and proposed systemic treatment strategies so that employers can ensure they are pursuing the most sustainable programs. 

Employee Engagement and Social Determinants of Health

Karna’s understanding of engaging populations based on where they are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age enables us to create programs specific to meet their needs. We have seen a dramatic effect on health outcomes by reaching employees where they are and creating engagement to impact their health in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.  By providing evidenced-based approaches to employee engagement, we ensure that the right plans are applied to the right employees at the right time and in the right manner.  These strategies point to deeper engagement, better retention, and higher productivity among employees of all types.

ROI and Outcomes Analytics

We understand that in order to afford health strategies for employers, one has to understand the costs and the benefits.  We provide qualitative and quantitative framework development, evaluation strategies, and reproducible outcomes analyses for employers seeking to understand the ROI of employer-led health and wellness.  We combine modern data architecture with business informatics to effectively design and validate current outcomes using clinical, administrative, or research data.   We provide clinical context to administrative data so that decision support strategies can be appropriately developed and interpreted.